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- J Krishnamurti

There is only thinking, and thinking is impermanent.

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Video Screening at Vasanta Vihar

Date : 20 Aug 2017, Sunday at 6pm

Theme : Action that is always correct – 3rd Public Talk, Saanen, 1980.

Venue :

KFI Day Retreat Sep 2017

Theme : Sensitivity of mind and heart

“Sensitivity does not come with infinite knowledge and information. You may know all the books in the world; you may have read them, devoured them; you may be familiar with every author; you may know all the things that have been said; but that does not bring intelligence. What brings intelligence is this sensitivity, a total sensitivity of your mind, conscious as well as unconscious, and of your heart with its extraordinary capacities of affection, sympathy, generosity.” – The Collected Works vol XIV, p 143

Date : 3 Sep 2017, Sunday 10am – 4pm

For registrations, pls call 91-44-24937803 or write to

Weekend Residential Retreat August 2017

Dates : 25 – 27 August 2017

Theme : Why do we escape from fear and loneliness?

“Fear can only exist in relationship; fear cannot exist by itself, in isolation. There is no such thing as abstract fear; there is fear of the known or the unknown, fear of what one has done or what one may do; fear of the past or of the future. The relationship between what one is and what one desires to be causes fear.

– Commentaries on living first series

For Registrations : Call 044-24937803 / 24937596 or write to

KFI Annual Gathering 2017

Krishnamurti Foundation India’s Annual Gathering will be held this time at its Sahyadri Education Centre near Pune. The Gathering, which is open to all, is meant to help us re-examine our life and share our insights in the light of Krishnamurti’s teachings. Talks, group dialogues, screening of Krishnamurti videos, and a cultural programme will be the chief features of the event. 

Theme: The common ground of humanity.

Dates: November 11, 12, 13 and until forenoon of November 14 (Saturday to Tuesday).

For more details, email:  or call (02135) 306192 / 288442

The Awakening of Intelligence

This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teaching is an excellent, wide-ranging introduction to the renowned teacher’s thoughts. This books is being relaunched by Krishnamurti Foundation India for the first time in India, since its original publication abroad five decades ago. The highly-acclaimed book sheds light on the predicament of humanity and is of great relevance in these times of sharpening divisions, corruption and deepening material greed.’

Here is the link :

For more on The Awakening of Intelligence book please check out

J Krishnamurti

The best introduction to Krishnamurti is Krishnamurti himself — his books, video and audio recordings — and not interpreters and commentators.

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Quotes of Krishnamurti

An individual is one who is undivided in himself, who is non-fragmentary, who is whole, sane, healthy; also `whole’ means holy. When you say `I am an individual’, you are nothing of the kind. Live a life of no authority, of no comparison, and you will find out what an extraordinary thing it is; you have tremendous energy when you are not competing, not comparing and not suppressing; you are really alive, sane, whole and therefore sacred.

The Impossible Question Part I Chapter 2 `Freedom’