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Ending of Sorrow Series - 4 DVD Set



1. The cause of conflict in relationship. (25 August). 81 min.
Sub-titles: English, French
Dubbing: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Korean

2. Seeing fear as an extraordinary jewel. (26 August) 71 min.
Sub-titles: English, French
Dubbing: French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean

3. Is it possible to end all sorrow? (1 September) 75 min.
Sub-titles: English
Dubbing: French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean

4. The nature, depth, and beauty of death. (2 September) 72 min.
Sub-titles: English, French
Dubbing: French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean


Future of Humanity, The - Dialogues 1 & 2 - 2 DVDs

the_future_of_humanity_dialogues_1_and_2In these two dialogues with Dr David Bohm, at Brockwood Park, England in 1983 Krishnamurti explores the nature of the conditioned mind and asks "Can the consciousness of man be changed through time?"

Dialogue 1: Is there any action not touched by thought?

Dialogue 2: Is there evolution of consciousness?


Madras Talk 1978-79 - 6 DVD Set

madras_talks_1978_79Life is a movement in learning:

1. Organizations have not saved man. (31 December) 85 min.
2. An action that is not the outcome of conflict. (1 January) 72 min
3. Is freedom a matter of time? (6 January) 84 min.


Nature of the Mind - 2 DVD Set

nature_of_the_mindThis is a series of dialogues between Krishnamurti, physicist Dr. David Bohm, biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and psychiatrist Dr. John Hidley in Ojai in 1982. Mental health professionals confronted with the roots of disorder in human consciousness and what it means to free oneself from disorder will find these dialogues meaningful. 


Ojai 1982 Series - 4 DVD Set

ojai 1982Talks

Sub-titles: English, Spanish

1. Holistic observation. (1 May). 74 min.
2. The crisis in consciousness. (2 May) 72 min.
3. Thought and disorder. (8 May) 76 min.
4. The content of one’s consciousness. (9 May) 61 min.
5. On the nature of love. (15 May) 67 min.
6. Meditation and the thinking machine. (16 May) 69 min.


Saanen 1983 Series - 6 DVD Talks - 6 DVD Set


1. Is it possible to live in peace? (10 July) 68 min.
2. The function of the brain. (12 July) 67 min.
3. Is there security in the self? (13 July) 68 min.
4. What is supreme intelligence? (17 July) 68 min.
5. What is the future of mankind? (19 July) 65 min.
6. Meditation and the miracle in listening. (21 July) 74 min.