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We have been reporting from time to time the release of new DVDs; these are mass produced and are available off our shelves. (Write to us for a free catalogue on these.)

However, since we keep receiving more and more DVDs from the Foundation in England, and since it will be not be possible to mass produce all of them, we have now decided to offer these for sale against specific individual orders. Given below is a list of such DVDs.

Prices: Rs 125/- per DVD. (Rs. 450/- per set of The Transformation of Man) 

Please use the order form to purchase from this store.

1968 Dialogue with Huston Smith (Colour)

Is it possible to live with total lucidity? (60 min)

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1972. 2 Dialogues with Dr Allan W. Anderson in San Diego, California ( B & W)

Each 60 min.

1. Listening is a great miracle
2. What is the point of education?

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1970 Malibu, California

Small Group Discussions

3. What makes one control? (14 March) 106 min.
4. Being serious without belief (15 March) 74 min.
5. Attention leads to learning (21 March) 91 min.
6. Fear in Consciousness (22 March) 88 min.
7. What is order? (28 March) 80 min.
8. How is one to be entirely free of Fear? (29 March) 85 min.

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1974. 18 Dialogues with Dr Allan W. Anderson in San Diego, California

From 18-28 February. Each 60 minutes.

  1. Knowledge and the transformation of man
  2. Knowledge and conflict in human relationships
  3. What is communication with others?
  4. What is a responsible human being?
  5. Order comes from the understanding of our disorder
  6. The nature and total eradication of fear
  7. Understanding, not controlling desire
  8. Does pleasure bring happiness?
  9. Sorrow, passion and beauty
  10. The art of listening
  11. Being hurt and hurting others
  12. Love, sex and pleasure
  13. A different way of living
  14. Death, life and love are indivisible
  15. Religion, authority, and education—part 1
  16. Religion, authority, and education—part 2
  17. Meditation, a quality of attention
  18. Meditation and the sacred mind

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1972. 2 conversations with Fr. Eugene Schallert


In 1 DVD. 110 min

Subtitles: English, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Vietnamese
Audio: French, German

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1976 The Transformation of Man: (3-DVD Set in Colour)

7 dialogues with Dr David Bohm, physicist, and Dr David Shainberg, psychiatrist. Each 60 min.

  • Disk 1: Introduction, First and Second Conversations
  • Disk 2: Third, Fourth and Fifth Conversations
  • Disk 3: Sixth and Seventh Conversations

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