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‘I think this teaching covers the whole of human existence. It covers the whole of human life, from the physical to the most inward depth of human beings. So there is nothing that sets it apart as a cult. I personally look at it as a marvellous thing, not because I have said it, but because it is something extra- ordinarily life-giving. And that life-giving thing can never go dry. Like a wellspring, it can never go dry.’


The Study Centre has a wide range of Krishnamurti’s works—books, out-of-print editions, DVDs, audio CDs, translations in Indian and foreign languages, and bulletins and newsletters of all the Foundations. Besides, there are select books on religion, philosophy, and psychology.


The Bookstore in Vasanta Vihar sells Krishnamurti’s books in English, translations in Indian languages, DVDs and MP3s, all of which can be ordered by post or bought online on this website.



Theme : What am I to do with this mind?

Date : 3 Feb 2019

Time : 10am – 1pm

For registrations, call 044-24937803/596 or email to

Chennai book fair
Stall no: 470, 471 : Entry no. 4
YMCA, Nandanam

Vijayawada Book Fair
Stall no. 281 PWD grounds
Buckingham Peta

KFI Book Stall at New Delhi

Date : 5th – 13th Jan 2019
Stall no : 381
Hall no : 8 – 11
Venue : Pragati Maidan, New delhi

Mar 23 & 24 : Understanding human relationship
Apr 27 & 28 : Living with a quiet mind
For registrations, call 044-24937803/596 or email to

Krishnamurti Foundation India is happy to announce the programme of its Tamil Gathering at the Study centre, Chennai from 9 – 10 feb 2019. We cordially invite you to participate in it. The intention is to take a journey within oneself and explore into the deeper questions of life in the light of J. Krishnamurti’s teachings.

Theme : The Challenge of Change
Dates : 9 – 10 Feb 2019
Venue : 124, Greenways road, R A puram, Chennai – 28.

Programmes will consist of video screenings of Krishnamurti’s talks, group discussions, and question-and-answer sessions. For registration write to or call us at 044-24937803/596

J Krishnamurti

The best introduction to Krishnamurti is Krishnamurti himself – his books, video and audio recording – and not interpreters and commentators.

Quotes of Krishnamurti

Goodness shows itself in behaviour and action and in relationship. Generally our daily behaviour is based on either the following of certain patterns – mechanical and therefore superficial – or according to very carefully thought-out motive, based on reward or punishment. So our behaviour, consciously or unconsciously, is calculated. This is not good behaviour. When one realizes this, not merely intellectually or by putting words together, then out of this total negation comes true behaviour.

Letters to the Schools vol I

Goodness shows itself in behaviour

Books of J Krishnamurti