KFI Vasanta vihar events calendar 2019 – 2020

Following are the programmes to be held in Vasanta Vihar during 2019-2020:

Kerala retreat: 30, 31 August & 1 September 2019. Theme: Meditation in daily life.

Half-day programmes: These are held on Sunday mornings; the dates and themes are:
4 August — Freedom is not choice.
6 October — Where is creativity in a mechanical life?
3 November — Austerity in a consumerist society
8 December — Failure of modern education and knowledge
5 January 2020 — How much can we depend on reason and logic?
8 February — What is wrong with pursuit of pleasure?
1 March — Meditation is not a practice
5 April — Slavery to technology and entertainment

Weekend residential retreats: These are held every month generally in the third or fourth week-end; the dates and themes are:

17 & 18 August— The seed of a million years [The religious life]
19 & 20 October — Ideals help us only to avoid facts
23 & 24 November — Is there psychological evolution at all?
21 & 22 December — The danger of conditioning
22 & 23 February 2020 — What is it that man is seeking?
21 & 22 March — The various attributes of the self
18 & 19 April — How can we relate K’s teachings to our daily life?

People from Chennai and from around the country/world who are eager to inquire into fundamental questions of life in an atmosphere of openness and togetherness can participate in the events. These events are suitable for those already acquainted with the teachings as well as those new to them. Registration is required. For more details, write to vvstudy@kfionline.org or call 044-24937803/596.