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1974 18 Dialogues with Dr Allan W. Anderson in San Diego, California

From 18-28 February. Each 60 minutes.

  1. Knowledge and the transformation of man
  2. Knowledge and conflict in human relationships
  3. What is communication with others?
  4. What is a responsible human being?
  5. Order comes from the understanding of our disorder
  6. The nature and total eradication of fear
  7. Understanding, not controlling desire
  8. Does pleasure bring happiness?
  9. Sorrow, passion and beauty
  10. The art of listening
  11. Being hurt and hurting others
  12. Love, sex and pleasure
  13. A different way of living
  14. Death, life and love are indivisible
  15. Religion, authority, and education—part 1
  16. Religion, authority, and education—part 2
  17. Meditation, a quality of attention
  18. Meditation and the sacred mind