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1979 Saanen (B&W)


Sub-titles: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Thai.

1. Is there a way out of the present crisis? (8 July) 64 min.
2. Can we together create a good society? (10 July) 67 min.
3. Is there security at all psychologically? (12 July) 61 min.
4. Can goodness, love, truth be born of discipline? (15 July) 65 min.
5. Are desire and time responsible for fear? (17 July) 66 min.
6. Intelligence, love, and compassion (19 July) 63 min.
7. In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal. (22 July) 70 min.

Question & Answer Meetings

Sub-titles: English, French, Italian, Spanish

1. Is there an action that doesn’t bring sorrow? (25 July) 88 min.
2. Find out what love is. (26 July) 79 min.
3. Meditation is giving thought its rightful place. ((27 July) 82 min.
4. What is the central issue of our life? (28 July) 75 min.
5. How can we bring about a good society? (29 July) 72 min.