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1980 OJAI, California (Colour)


  1. The vitality of the free mind; 62 min. (3 May)
  2. The fear of being nothing; 74 min. (4 May)
  3. You are violence; 60 min. (10 May)
  4. Security in illusion; 69 min. (11 May)
  5. Attention has no centre; 72 min. (17 May)
  6. The energy in emptiness; 83 min. (18 May)


  1. Q & A; 80 min. (6 May)
    Questions: Significance of history in education; awareness and analysis; psychological knowledge; incompleteness of knowledge; awareness in observing; eliminating the image; thought as defence against pain; on Christ.
  2. Q & A; 75 min. (8 May)
    Questions: Personal opinion and truth; responsibility for the world; right action on violence; urgency of change; psychological needs; seeing the totality of something; a state without opposite.
  3. Q & A; 77 min. (13 May)
    Questions: True creativity; seeing and action; image-making and ending of it; reincarnation; stepping out of the stream of the world.
  4. Q & A; 78 min. (15 May)
    Questions: Actual substance of fear; absence of universal justice; observing in a state of fragmentation; relationship between thought and attention.