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1982 Saanen (B&W)


  1. Not available as video
  2. What makes our lives so fragmented?; 73 min (13 July)
  3. An intelligence beyond cause; 73 min. (15 July)
  4. What are we human beings trying to become?; 74 min. (18 July)
  5. What is it to listen, to learn, and to observe?; 65 min. (20 July)
  6. Meditation and the ending of the self; 68 min. (22 July)


  1. 1. Q & A; 76 min. (25 July)
    Questions: Slowing down the ageing process; facing an incurable disease.
  2. 2. Q & A; 82 min. (26 July)
    Questions: Death and detachment; is holding a question a thought process?; living in the world without being part of it.
  3. 3. Q & A; 82 min. (27 July)
    Seeing and listening; change of a few individuals; guru and guidance; on the sacred; focus of education; future of mankind