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Manushya Bandham Enna Prasnam

Education is central to Krishnamurti’s vision of life, and this book is the first collection of his talks to students, teachers, and parents.


The book covers a wide range of themes—the danger of competition which, breeding fear, prevents the mind from being fully receptive to experience; the necessity of a healthy body so that there is no conflict between body, mind, and emotion; the value of solitude; the need to understand both the conscious and the unconscious mind so that there can be an end to self-contradiction; and the critical difference between concentration and attention, between knowledge and learning. Krishnamurti’s talks are followed by spontaneous questions from the students, which add to the charm and value of the book.

Published by DC Book, Kottayam, this book is available in all leading bookstores in Kerala. Price Rs 125

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