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Ojai 1982 Series – 6 DVD Set


Sub-titles: English, Spanish

1. Holistic observation. (1 May). 74 min.
2. The crisis in consciousness. (2 May) 72 min.
3. Thought and disorder. (8 May) 76 min.
4. The content of one’s consciousness. (9 May) 61 min.
5. On the nature of love. (15 May) 67 min.
6. Meditation and the thinking machine. (16 May) 69 min.

Question and Answer Meetings

1. Helping children face the world; after K dies; elusive perception of fear (4 May) 74 min.
2. Nourishing attention; pure action; enlightenment through words?; why we do not change; holiness in the modern world. (6 May) 78 min.
3. On K schools; function and role; political action; service to humanity; levels of spirituality; is fear result of intelligence? (11 May) 74 min.
4. On active political involvement; negating the ‘I’ without suppression; not becoming a victim or a predator (13 May) 81 min