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Vazhkai – adippadai kelvigal – The First & Last Freedom-II

Tamil translation of the second part of The First and Last Freedom. Contains Krishnamurti’s answers to questions put to him by his listeners. The first considerable book to have been published in response to demands from all over the world for a comprehensive book that would convey the main aspects of Krishnamurti's teaching.

The focal point of all his teaching is that each individual can solve the central human problem in only one way—for and by himself; that it is through self-knowledge, and not through belief or idea, that a man comes to the eternal reality.

You may buy this book from leading bookstores in Tamil Nadu or order it from the publisher, Narmadha Pathipagam, 10 Nana Street, Pondy Bazar, T.Nagar, Chennai—600 017.

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